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Without the generosity of our patrons, partners and film enthusiasts who have sustained the Black Star International Film Festival for close to six years, we would be non-existent and the great impact we have had on the filmmaking industry in Ghana and on the lives of filmmakers would be lost.

Your support is more crucial for the festival’s growth more than ever before, especially at a time where filmmakers all over the world, especially independent filmmakers’ are struggling to create due to financial constraints and the decline in cinema due to the coronavirus pandemic. We feel it a great onus on us to provide our platform that inspires support, growth and educate the film and music communities not to give up dreaming and creating.

You have been our heartbeat; yes you, our great support system! Thank you for your continued believe in the Black Star International Film Festival and its exciting future. Thank you for adding us to your social calendar annually. We truly appreciate you.

To make a donation, sponsorship payment or other festival contribution online, click below and you’ll be taken to the BSIFF secure payment site. Payments can be made using your credit / debit card and/or mobile money.

Please contact us for assistance on +233506481853 or email

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