+ Virtual Film Screenings

+ Cinema Screenings at Silverbird

+ Filmmakers’ Q & As

+ Opening Night Ceremony

+ BSIFF Yaa Asantewaa Awards & Closing Night Ceremony


The BlackStar Music Concert (BMC)

BMC, which happens within the Festival, is directed at musicians’ especially young budding talented music creatives in Africa including singers, instrumentalists, composers, music producers and sound engineers.

The concert is to provide a platform for these new talents to be recognized by relevant new audiences, and share their talent and creativity with these audiences. BSIFF’s partnership with key stakeholders in the music industry can lead some of these artistes to great deals that push their careers to the next level.


#BSIFFEducates is our film and music educational campaign to bridge the gap in knowledge and skill acquisition, training and technical support for filmmakers and artistes in Ghana and Africa especially.

BSIFF Educates programs are organized every year to advance the rationale behind the chosen theme for a particular year. Some happen outside the film festival period while some occur within. The educative projects are highlighted below:

FilmDev Lab: This is a workshop or lab within the Festival that explores the use of film for the promotion and advancement of development goals like the SDGs etc. This will see partnership with development agencies and filmmakers to explore possibilities of using film as a tool to advance the course of development.

BSIFF Interactive: Explores knowledge acquisition and technical training support that will help independent filmmakers and musicians, sustain and elevate their careers through creative distribution, propelled by digital technology and film marketing innovations. This annual event focuses on film tech and advancement in the film sector in Ghana and Africa.

Y-Power: Y-Power, an acronym for Youth in Power, is an educative platform, dedicated to young filmmakers. This workshop/seminar is expected to connect young independent filmmakers with excelling filmmakers to explore ways to advance their filmmaking careers through training support and professional development opportunities.

BOLD: The BOLD project is targeted at film and music artistes, who are from underrepresented communities: LGBTQ, women and the disabled. These people have great stories to share and this program is dedicated to telling their stories, their key strengths and promoting equity in filmmaking. It is BSIFF’s annual outreach and reaching out project.

Film-Music Lab: This is a lab for music artistes and filmmakers. It will focus on the important role of music in film, connecting directors, music producers, composers and explore opportunities for collaboration on film and music projects.

Write Film: The Write Film project is a BSIFF intensive workshop targeted at screenwriters. It will connect screenwriters, directors, producers etc.

Africa Film Talk: We connect with African filmmakers in Africa and in the diaspora to discuss filmmaking. Top agencies, directors, producers and distributors on the continent and in the diaspora will come together to talk film, seek to address issues facing the continent and connect with audiences.