Film Festival

The Black Star International Film Festival is our year-round activity climax. It is a 5-day film festival dedicated to discover, display and celebrate the works of independent film and music artists in Africa especially, to audiences (existing and new) around the World.

BSIFF Official Selection films are showcased within a powerful programming. The film festival attracts film tourists, filmmakers (professional and emerging), students’ and other film, cinema and music lovers.

BSIFF Industry Day

BSIFF's Industry Day happens annually within the Festival. The aim of Industry day is to bring together all relevant stakeholders in the film and cinema sector, under a common umbrella to discuss relevant sector issues via varying panel sessions, keynote speeches and masterclasses.

Industry Day seeks to:

  • to engage and sensitize industry to developments and interventions.
  • to propose steps to address the identified gaps within the industry.
  • to identify the role that government can play in the area of policy interventions and actions.
  • to map out the immediate expected outcomes for both the sector and the economy.