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BSIFF Magazine (Your advert placed in our annual magazine shared to over 3,000 festival participants)

+ Double-Truck Ad – GHC 6,000

+ Full-Page Ad – GHC 4,500

+ Half-Page Ad – GHC 2,500

+ Quarter-Page Ad – GHC 1,500

+ Only Logo – GHC 500 

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Influencer Endorsement (A renowned filmmaker/musician/celebrity to mention your brand and urge people to support your brand)

+ One Influencer – GHC 10,000

+ Two influencers – GHC 15,000

+ More than two – GHC 20,000

+ and above 

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BSIFF Yaa Asantewaa Awards (An opportunity for your brand to be associated with one or all of the awards given to outstanding filmmakers’ in Ghana or abroad. Your brand name will be on the award plaques).  In the 2021 edition of the Festival, there are ten (10) recognized award categories. The prize value placed on these awards are highlighted below. Please note that, deciding to support one, more or all of the above categories is welcome.

+ Best Student Film – GHC 10,000

+ Best Documentary Film – GHC 10,000 | Best Feature Film – GHC 10,000

+ Best Women In Film – GHC 10,000

+ Best Ghanaian Film (Odehye3 award) – GHC 10,000

+ Best Music Video – GHC 10,000

+ Best Animation – GHC 10,000

+ Best Short Film – GHC 10,000

+ Best Young Actress Award (to award the next generation of actresses in Africa) – GHC 10,000 | Yaa-Asantewaa Lifetime Achievement Award (to celebrate a filmmaker who has made tremendous impact on the African movie industry in the past decade or more) – GHC 20,000 

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**Your proceeds go to support the independent filmmakers we are seeking to elevate and our overarching mission to educate, inform and create a platform that aids in bridging the gap between African cinema and the world.

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